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Federal Mogul Sales Force

Sales, Contracted Sales Force

Federal Mogul, als global tätiger Automobilzulieferer, möchte durch Push & Pull Vermarktung neuer Informationen die Nachfrage der freien Kfz-Werkstätten für F-M Produkte im Aftermarket-Handel erzeugen und steigern. Sowie die Erhöhung des Bekanntheitsgrades und den Imageaufbau der FM-Marken positiv beeinflussen.

- Vorstellen des FM4ME-Programms im Kfz-Werkstatt- und Handelsmarkt

- Beschaffung und Verifizierung von Daten freier Kfz-Werkstätten

- Generierung von Insights über die Bedürfnisse der freien Werkstätten & Weiterleitung an F-M

- Information und Sensibilisierung der Werkstätten für vorhandenen OEM-Status der F-M Marken

- Registrierung der Werkstätten in FM-CAMPUS (Online-Trainingsplattform von F-M)

- Rekrutierung erfahrener Außendienstmitarbeiter aus dem Kfz-Aftermarket

- Besuche der Kunden und Führen von Interviews zur aktuellen Lage

- Fragebogen mit ca. 50 Abfrage-Elementen; Teilveverwendung / aktuelle Handelsdaten,
  Erfassung des aktuellen Marktgeschehens

- Teilnahme an Großhandels-Messen, Unterstützung des FM-Sales-Teams

- Registrierung von Leads & Cases aus den Werkstätten und sofortige Weiterleitung an FM

- Kontinuierliche Mitfahrten inkl. Zielüberprüfung und Einzelfallerklärung

- elektronisches, tagesaktuelles Reporting via Retail Motus

- Monatliches Reporting an Federal Mogul

- Werkstatt-Volumen (3 Regionen) ca. 5.700

- geplante Besuche: 3.500 p.a.

- Anzahl AD-Mitarbeiter: 3

Case studies

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Case Studies

Sales, Sales Force, Merchandising, POS Merchandising
The challenge

Heineken asked CPM to help and support their Field Sales Force with a dedicated and flexible solution to ensure shelf availability, maximise brand visibility and drive sales with outstanding merchandising executions in the Dutch supermarkets.

Our Solution

CPM recruit and retain sales merchandisers for Heineken for more than a decade already.
By working closely together, not only selecting the right people and profiles for the job, but coaching and training them together ensures that the 2 teams are operating and feel “one green team”. Retailers experience one team seamless collaboration and outstanding performance. With a team of approx. 27 Sales Merchandisers each Heineken Sales Representative has the availability of ± 1,5 FTE Sales Merchandisers creating first class in-store merchandising execution on demand.
Merchandising for Heineken can be building up promotional displays and/or POS materials placement, as well as cooler and shelf optimisation and in-store theaters that increase product availability and drive sales. Together with detailed store reporting we deliver our insight-influence-sales brand promise on-going and for over a decade.


We are proud to be the Heineken Sales Merchandiser supplier and have developed and brought many young talented people into the Heineken organisation. Most starting as Sales Merchandiser and being a Sales Ambassadors for the retail sector and supermarket , some of which still work inside the Heineken organisation in senior roles or having a great jobs at A-brands in the market. The real recognition comes from the Retailers, being together awarded for “The best Grocery Field Force Team” for years in a row.

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Case studies

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Case Studies

Sales, Tactical Sales Force
The challenge

Bridgestone's Sales Manager contacted CPM in order to promote their new incentive programme, called AREA Bridgestone in the Netherlands. The goal was to get companies interested in joining the incentive programme. The tactical sales representatives visited the top 400 independent car dealers to promote and explain the programme supported by the distributor Inter-Sprint.

Our Solution

Setting a visit strategy and sharing ideas on how to approach this in the best way, we recruited, trained and developed a field team of 4 sales representatives. The responsibilities of the team where promoting the programme, provide education on the plan and how to use the programme, sell-in the programme and support on location the visibility of the programme using POS materials especially designed for the programme.


Thanks to the outstanding enthusiasm and performance of the field team we realised an overwhelming result (ix 256) vs. the initial expectation of 25% that would likely participate.

Case studies

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