red bull nationwide retail auditing programme



CPM were set the task to complete a complex in-store audit of 178 stores throughout Ireland over a two week period.  The team called to a random selection of Multiples, Convenient Stores and Fore-courts over this period.


•CPM recruited 12 experienced auditors in order to complete the activity.
• A half day in-depth training was provided which included store visits to highlight the complexity of the compliance audit.
•Once all in-store audits were completed all data was  manually entered into the Red Bull Tracker System.
•A photo presentation  of shelf space & displays was completed per store and sent to the client.


•100% call coverage was achieved.
•All data entry was completed with in the required time-frame.
•Client very happy with the level of service provided.
•CPM are agency of choice for all auditing activity for Red Bull and have completed 4 audits per year for the past 2 years.

"CPM selected as preferred agency for all Red Bull compliance audit campaigns"

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